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8 Mb connection - - HELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!


8 Mb connection - - HELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

Yesterday I was "upgraded" to the new 8meg service. My router, Netgear DG834 with the latest firmware, now shows that it is connected to the exchange ok (6.4Meg download) but I can't get a connection to the web! It appears that I don't have an ISP address from Plusnet (the Gateway address is showing Nothing has changed in the router from the settings angle and all the usual lights are showing green and steady. Can anyone PLEASE help?? I have so far spent 3 hours waiting in the helpline queue. This is getting expensive. Do I need to specify an IP address?
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8 Mb connection - - HELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

There is nothing you can do about this as its a BT/PN problem and a common one at that.

You either have to keep trying to contact PN by phone or raise a question but either way expect a long wait for any replies due to CS being overloaded with MaxDSL faults.

Just in case, make sure you are set as follows:

PPPoA (not PPPoE)
VC-based (not LLC)
VCI 38

Obtain IP and DNS automatically.

Or just go through the setup wizzard again.

If that fails, try a full factory reset to default settings and try the wizzard again. This should eliminate any router config issues.

8 Mb connection - - HELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

Thanks.... annoying ain't it? I have done a reset on the router but it's not cured anything. I have good signal to noise ratio on the phone line (25dB) and it's connected to the exchange at 6.4meg now, but there's no gateway being provided by PN.