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54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon


54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

Quite a few people, including myself have been looking
for a combined Wireless Router/ Modem running at the
new 802.11g 54Mbps speed. Until now these weren't
available, but Belkin appear to be the first to release one
this November selling for about £140 inclusive.
So I assume the rest will follow.
Details are Here
Anyone with experience of Belkin routers advice welcome.

54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

Am I missing something? These have been available for ages surely?

54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

54g has been available for a while, but not as an all in
one unit, you needed to purchase a seperate modem with the router as with the 2 packages from Netgear and D Link
at the bottom of your Link.
The first product the Netgear DG834M appears to be an
all in one unit , a brand new product replacing the DG824.
It's not been around for ages as it hasn't been released yet.
It appears to be due out in appx .3 weeks time so it looks
like a race between manufacturers on who will bring one
out first.
Gratefull for the info.Now which to chose ?

54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

Gotcha. That's what I get for skim reading Smiley

Why not check this latest product out?

I am also looking for an all in one solution. I have received confirmation from Linksys (a division of Cisco Systems) today that the new WRV54G (wireless G access point, router, VPN and 4 port switch) is available in Dec/Jan if you can wait for it. Not only does it provide lots of features, it looks good too! Check it out @:

54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

A very nice looking piece of kit ,rustmacca and well
worth waiting for. Any idea of what the price is going
to be like ?
It looks like (not 100% sure) that you'll need a modem
with it. The last time I looked ( quite a while back)
Linksys made an ethernet modem, one of those
blue and black jobs, but was only available in the US,
and hence did not come with any software/drivers for
the UK market, maybe things have changed.
It would look very nice teamed up with Netgears DM602
and you could have lots of fun in getting the two to
work together .Lol.


I have asked my Linksys contact about whether you need a modem or not. I have no details on the price as yet and like you would prefer an all-in-one solution. The product I refer to will be available in the UK soon. However I am not as keen on the Belkin line of products... I am sure they perform but they don't look that good!

I am monitoring the following manufacturers for similar products:

us robotics
zoom hayes

I am glad you started this forum... Why not vote in my forum topic? "1Mb Fees"

Best wishes!

More on the WRV54G router..

Here is the latest comments from my contact:

"With the WRV54G Yes you would need a Ethernet modem. If you want to use VPN make sure the modem support IPSEC pass through."

All in one box - available now

Another alternative is the Draytek Vigor 2600We. Although this is only 802.11b rather than 802.11g (54g) standard, if you are only surfing the net you don;t need anything more!. (11Mb per sec data transfer compared to 0.5MB per sec on adsl : a factor of 22 - the bottleneck is the broadband line !)

As Rustmacca implies - you will need to throw away the USB modem as these devices use Ethernet. Here;s the Draytek setup that I'm using "as I write":

BT telephone point : cable (supplied with the 2600We) : Vigor2600We

(the 2600We runs off the mains)


Desktop with a Draytek Vigor 510 USB wireless adaptor (a nice looking bit of kit this IMHO)

Hope this helps

54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

The DrayTek Vigor 2600G looks very nice - see for details.


54g Wireless Modem/Router Coming Soon

Very nice indeed Tim... I like the fact that it is packed full of features such as VPN, Print Server etc...