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54Mbps Wireless G Products


54Mbps Wireless G Products

Does anyone have experience of these products yet ?

I am interested in setting up my first network primarily to allow braodband internet access on my new laptop PC.

With the D-Lay of D-Link's new range of products, I am giving serious consideration to some units from Buffalo but I have read reports of their wireless signal dropping off completely at a comparatively short distance - rather than gradually diminishing in strength as with some rival brands.

However, this was just one test in one magazine and I wonder if all manufacturers' goods are quite similar in performance.

To get to the point - I'd really like to know what the MINIMUM roaming range is that I might expect.

I can get 5 metres from my Logitech cordless keyboard so, in the same environment, I'm hoping for a substantial bit more from Wireless G. Is it likely to fail after less than 15 metres ?

Indoors I could really do with 20 metres and I *had* initially hoped for a 40 metre coverage into the garden and would like to know if my expectations are far too high.

RE: 54Mbps Wireless G Products

Hi There,

I have long been a fan of Buffalo Kit (Mainly because their sales manager is a customer of ours and he gave me some free things (Theres a hint for any other suppliers out there!)!!! I have never used the 56MB stuff, but have a lot of experiance with the 11MB wlan connectivity.

I run the 4 port Broadband router at home, with a WLE-NDR External Antenna and the Buffalo Slimline PCMCIA card in my linux laptop. I get good coverage throughout the house and into the garden and never see any sudden signal drops. I also operate a more complicated wireless mesh system between a couple of neighbours using buffalo bridge WLA-L11's and that is stable even though there are multiple repeaters and some interesting routing!

We also used these at our previous offices where it was fantastic.

However, we have had serious problems with the unit in our new offices, which are in an RF heavy area with our parent companys wlan (Which is running with 56MB Cisco kit). We experiance sudden signal drops, slowdowns and entire loss of connectivity and have never been able to pin down if this is a problem with intereference from the other wireless lan or possibly our DECT digital handset network.

Eitherway, I would say that they are excellant value for setting up a home network which will cover an average sized semi detached house. They can be strectched to do some great things - The repeater function of the bridge untis is great if you want to extend the range and the external aerials do make a difference. I would say though that if there is likely to be any interference then I would look at something more robust....