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4Mbps ADSL @ £29.99 on Premier


4Mbps ADSL @ £29.99 on Premier

Hello All,

I pay £29.99 a month for premier service, and was told I would be receiving 4Mbps when the exchange upgraded in June/July. Of which hasn't happened, but I am still paying £29.99. Does anyone know what I should do to get this sorted out ?

Second, I regularly use P2P as I download TV programs from China for my girlfriend. Now, my downloads speeds have dropped considerably, achieving on average 20Kbps, whereas before I could max out my 2Mbps. I have checked it being a connectivity issue with the source where i'm downloading from by downloading many items from various sources. My ultimate download speed is capped! what is this about! i can understand throttling but come on, i pay for a service i wish to use.

Please can someone point me to the relevant places where i can find answers to my questions.


4Mbps ADSL @ £29.99 on Premier

You pay £29.99 per month, when you could pay £21.99 for the exact same thing

4Mbps ADSL @ £29.99 on Premier

It would be nice of PlusNet to say this also to me, or is it my responsibility not to be ripped off ? sorry i mean pay more then everyone else for the same service ?

It does go to show, as automated and efficient PlusNet are at providing a service, support and billing, what they're lacking now is the customer care and focus. To be honest my company picks up the tab for my ADSL, however I will have it dropped to £21.99 out of principle.

I take it no one wants to comment on the bandwidth issue ? As far as i'm concerned, 2Mbps unlimited should mean just that, if however their 'usability/sustainability' studies show that's unfeasible, then simply employ the throttling/shaping on those users that exeeded a pre-defined level of downloading.

I admit I can download upto 100GBs in a month, but that is rarely the case.

I hope this thread is more ancedotal to new and potential customers. No ISP is perfect, although PlusNet were very close to it. As a customer I haven't been approach about paying for more then i'm receiving. I have received poor firstline support. And as a decision maker in my company I have standardised on PlusNet ADSL for all remote/home workers simply because seldom things go wrong.

However that said, when things don't work, expect support to be sluggish and throwing the ball back into your court. Never experienced any proactive support yet!

On one occassion I changed my portal password, unbeknown to me this is in fact the same one the ADSL authenticates on. Not knowing, I had a sudden loss of connectivity. If the lights were on at PlusNet support, then this would of been a very simple firstline fix.