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4MB Subscription Query

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Registered: 13-08-2007

4MB Subscription Query

I'm signed up to plusnet 4MBit as i thought the upgrade was going to be sooner, i contacted BT Wholesale to ask about my exchange being upgraded and they said i have to go through plusnet support who will then be able to ask them the query.

So i was wondering when 4Mbit will be available as i am paying that £8 extra and i wondering if users doing this getting anything special out of it?

Also theres been alot of talk about plusnet on other forums and stuff i get great speeds all the time and don;t seem to have an issues with plusnet which is a good thing however i would also like to know if i have a CAP on my account and if so what it is.

Thanks for your time

4MB Subscription Query

Hi there,

Welcome to the boards.

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast date set for the 4 & 8mb speeds.
The products are still in trila with BT and it is likely that the majority of us will not see the faster speeds until next year.

The general concensus at the moment is to downgrade to the £21.99 premier product and then wait and see if the higher speed arrives and if it is even available to you.

Plus Net decided within the last week or so that the customers paying for the higher speeds were getting a higher soft cap limit than standard premier products. The ratios being 2/4/8mb -100/150/200gb. That is the only current difference between the products.

There is a lot of discussion about the morality of Plus Net selling these products in the knowledge that they are still some distance off, details are in the many threads.