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3com router dropping connection


3com router dropping connection


Anyone know why my 3Com router would be constantly dropping the ADSL connection. I get connected, start using the broadband, then the connection light goes out, and all connection is lost. I try to reconnect and I am unable to do so.

I have tried all the configs available on the router, and I try restarting the router (software and hardware restart)

I have only been on Plus for 3 days and I am not that impressed... Sad

Any ideas?

3com router dropping connection

I am having the same problems, have been with Plusnet for a long time now. Rarely had problems before but just recently connection has been eratic to say the least. Have tried Different LAN cables, upgrading firmware on router, 2 netgwork ports on machine, leaving router off all night and trying again the next day. Nothing works.

Have a D-Link DSL-G604T Wireless ADSL Modem Router.

Messages in log as follows:

Aug 9 13:02:55> PPPoA Connect with Gateway IP Address:
Aug 9 13:02:55> WAN IP address
Aug 9 13:02:55> WAN gateway
Aug 9 13:02:55> primary DNS address
Aug 9 13:02:55> secondary DNS address
Aug 9 13:08:53> DSL Carrier is down
Aug 9 13:09:03> DSL Carrier is up
Aug 9 13:09:08> Connection terminated.

Aug 9 13:09:09> pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Aug 9 13:09:09> Connect: ppp0 {--}
Aug 9 13:09:13> PPPoA Connect with IP Address
Aug 9 13:09:13> PPPoA Connection Successfully Established
Aug 9 13:09:13> PPPoA Connect with Gateway IP Address:
Aug 9 13:09:13> WAN IP address
Aug 9 13:09:13> WAN gateway
Aug 9 13:09:13> primary DNS address
Aug 9 13:09:13> secondary DNS address
Aug 9 13:09:33> DSL Carrier is training
Aug 9 13:09:43> DSL Carrier is up
Aug 9 13:09:48> Connection terminated.

Can PlusNet please advise of known problems. Thanks.


3com router dropping connection

just been testing - cannot get connected AT ALL with the 3 COM router - will not connect come what may... I have connected with my Voyager 105 modem, but cannot get connected with the 3com router. This is really pigging me off Sad

I have a number of errors on the ADSL Log on the router -
Fast Path CRC Error near end: 1 Far End: 549
Fast Path HEC Error near end : 68 Far End: 0

Anyone know what these mean?

Can someone from support please advise ASAP

3com router dropping connection

Cant help you I am afraid, but after 4 hours of research and fiddling my connection is FIXED !!!!!! YES !!!!!

It turned out being the sky box. Dont ask, but for some reason the extension to SKY is hard wired into a junction box so I overlooked it when having ADSL installed.

So for all this time - c. 2 years - I have not had the potential quality I should have had. Not one connect dropped and speed is 2Mbps ! Lovely Jubbly.

So for everyone out there, if you have ADSL connect woes, ask yourself, 'Do I have SKY?'... if so, make sure you get a high quality splitter on it !

Oh, and here are my speed test results.... note the consitency since fixing the issue ' Splitter on SKY !'

11-09-2005 21:36:43 1947.8
11-09-2005 21:36:19 1954.2
11-09-2005 10:29:10 1937.3
11-09-2005 08:14:33 1958.3
11-09-2005 02:18:58 1957.2
11-09-2005 02:18:37 1958.5
11-09-2005 02:18:16 1956.3
10-09-2005 22:44:27 1231.2
10-09-2005 22:44:13 1314
10-09-2005 18:25:29 1321.4
10-09-2005 18:25:12 1161.3
10-09-2005 15:45:35 1331.7
10-09-2005 15:45:14 1241.4
10-09-2005 15:44:52 1622.8
10-09-2005 15:44:33 1396
10-09-2005 15:27:03 873.4
10-09-2005 15:26:44 958.1
10-09-2005 15:19:38 1322.6
10-09-2005 15:19:24 1328.1
10-09-2005 13:20:08 1372.7

I guess it goes to show, if you dont have all your phones, answerphones, SKY boxes etc etc ALL covered, the impact to your connection can be awful ! Mine is now a happy connect ! Cheers.

3com router dropping connection

I have just had to scrap a 3com office connect router, It did not show any major problems, just the odd crash over night a couple of times a week, but I tried to connect a VOIP phone to it and was having real problems, then tried to connect an XDA2i via wireless connection to it and again was having real problems, bit the bullett and purchased the cheapest wifi modem/router I could find and all my problems have been cured, 3com help were useless, will not buy another 3com product - only 15 months old as well!!!!!! Just scrap it and get a new one.