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2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe


2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

I was put on a badboy pipe and I'm not happy.

It seems to be that the limit to get onto the badboy pipe was 140gb, but what I want to know was that a limit for 512kers, 1mbers? or 2mbers? Surely if people on 512k was reaching 140gb and getting put on the bbp then the 1mbs people should have a 280gb limit and the 2mbs people should have a 560gb limit?

It doesn't seem fair that the people paying for a 2mbs connection have the same limits as a 512kbs or a 1mbs.

Being on the bbp and paying for a 2mbs connection doesn't sound like much sense to me, especially if I'm just as fast as someone on 1mbps or a 512kbps on the bbp (or a 56ker).

Can someone from tell me if the speed of the users connection was taken into account when you set these arbitary limits.

Also on the bbp do people on a 2mbs connection have twice the priority of people on a 1mbps who have twice the priority of a 512ker?

A suggestion on what could of been done better instead of this bbp scenario which is causing alot of migration and lost referrals (its good to cater to the top 0.3% as they are the ones more likely to refer all there friends), is that you could assign priority to people based on how much they have downloaded, also taking into account the size of the pipe. This would mean people who downloaded the most get the lowest priority but still be able to use their service when there aren't people using the network. I was on an ISP that used this system and it worked great, the badboys and the light users where able to coexists happily and the badboys did lots of referrals and the ISP became a great success. Alas I had to move countries and can't find an ISP here in London that implements this system. I thought would be reasonable and have a system similar, but I guess I was wrong. The ISP also had the other system where you had a certain rolling limit and if you went over that limit you would be limited to 76kbps. That way you where garunteed a set speed, till u reached your limit, with the other plan your speed was reliant on how many other lower priority people where using it at the same time as you. You could choose which plan you where on, great stuff.

As it stands has a limit/cap call it what you like, but its a cap. They don't advertise the cap, infact they advertise it as unlimited which it isn't. Its a soft cap as in they don't tell you about it until you go over it, and they can put you on it anytime. Wouldn't it be better to tell the truth instead of trying to hide it? If you can't sell a service without limits then don't advertise it as unlimited.

Remember unlimited* does not equal unlimited. Its like going to an all you can eat buffet and having the manager stop you eating when you've had 3 plates. Fat people need to eat more, and internet junkies need to download more, you can't give an average usage and have everyone follow it. Its always going to be a bell curve with usage, thats how stats work. There are always going to be the top x% of people using the most y% of bandwith. What about the the low 0.3% of people using the the low %0.3 of bandwith? Do they get anything special for using nothing and giving u free money?

Also you should take into account where people are downloading thier stuff from. If someone is doing alot of downloading but its only coming from * surely they aren't a drain on your network as someone using a p2p app and is downloading from outside your network?

I used to get great speeds, but now just surfing the web is a pain. So I'm seriously consider jumping ship, you might not care, or actually be happy that the one of the top 0.3% of your users are leaving, but as I said before you gotta keep them happy too because they bring in the most customers and are also the most vocal and usually net savvy. For instance say one of the badboys grandmothers ask them to recommend an adsl provider, do you think he will recommend after this? I doubt it.

Anyway, just a few points and a little rant. I hope I don't get disconnected or put on a worse badboy pipe for speaking up a litte.


Re: 2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

Remember unlimited* does not equal unlimited. Its like going to an all you can eat buffet and having the manager stop you eating when you've had 3 plates.

im not agreeing/disagreeing/whatever with your post, but just wanted to point out, its not like this, its like going to queue1 for food when you enter, then for the third plate being asked to go to queue2, with all the greedy bastards. You're still able to get all you want, but if everyone is being greedy then you wont get much of a look in, if you're being fair, though if everyone took their turn, there wouldnt be a problem Smiley

2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

What annoys me is

2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

Hmmm, this topic has been posted twice. I known the poster has seen this and acknowledged It.

Maybe one of the Mods can lock one of them to avoid any further confusion with replies.

2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

having just got broadband and not only never had it before but never experienced it before, my downloads for the first few months will be significantly higher than the moths after that, and then i hear about this bad boy pipe. So i have a few questions....

1. I'm on a 1mb connection. how much do i have to download (in a what? month? year?) to be put on this bad boy pipe ?

2. if i'm on it, can i get off it?

Bad Boy Pipe

These are all valid questions.

If Plus are working on quota's, then us paying customers really should be told what they are. How else can we live within the rules if we don't know what they are

2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

there is a pinned FAQ about this. Read that and all is explained.
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2mb vs 1mb and the badboy pipe

It is getting more confusing with 2 open threads on this subject. Can this be closed please (as requested earlier).