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2Mbps Office vs 2Mbps Home


2Mbps Office vs 2Mbps Home

I have pre-registered for the 2Mbps Office package for the last 6 weeks, I hope to be connected next week when my exchange is enabled.
Due to your changes in pricing and tarriffs, I was wondering:

Will my Office 2000 package at 20:1 contention be shared with only similar Office 2000 users, or will it now be globally shared with users also on the Home 2000 package, as if this is the case then I might as well change my subscription to Home 2000 as I don't use this for Office, I just wanted a fast connection and the Office version was the only way to get a faster connection.

Support told me to raise a ticket or something but since you've changed the portal, I can't find jack.

It would be silly of me to spend the extra £10 a month on an Office product and recieve the exact same product as somebody on the Home package.
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RE: 2Mbps Office vs 2Mbps Home

The contention is shared between other people on the ADSL Office products 500, 1000 and 2000 at your local exchange, so you will be sharing with Freeswerve, BT and AOL customers too. This is the case for all ADSL services.

You can raise a ticket in the help and support section if you scroll down further on any of the 'new look harder to nagivate' portal pages.


RE: 2Mbps Office vs 2Mbps Home

It's not the sharing or contention that bothers me, it's the fact that I could be paying an extra £10 a month and sharing my connection with people paying for the Home package.
Basically, if I use the office package it should be faster in the evenings than during the day, as most users on the office package will only use it during the day.
But if i'm sharing with both Office and Home users then it's gonna be peak-time, all the time.