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2Mb 20:1 Homeworker pro -> 1Mb 50:1 Homesurf


2Mb 20:1 Homeworker pro -> 1Mb 50:1 Homesurf

At present I'm on the 2Mb Homeworker pro connection + I have the domain name at £1 extra and I wish to downgrade to 1Mb Home but keep my domain name so I have a few queries..

1. Will I be billed for the FULL amount concerning my domain name?
2. Will there be a regrade fee (I thought this was scrapped by BT?) for a Wires only Install as I was quoted £55 + VAT when I phoned which is outrageous :x
3. How do u downgrade via the portal

Right now I cant afford £66.99 p/m as I was made redundant recently and after the fiasco of the speeds bouncing all over the place recently I am rather dishearted with the whole thing Sad

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sorry about the avatar message not being responded to, I just noticed the message today Shockedops:
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2Mb 20:1 Homeworker pro -> 1Mb 50:1 Homesurf

The 2mb homeworker account is on a 12 month contract AFAIK, you will have to pay of this account in it's entirity first.


2Mb 20:1 Homeworker pro -> 1Mb 50:1 Homesurf

no, mine is on a monthly contract (phew) so i dont have to wait for the full 12 months, besides, I will be remaining a customer of plusnet, just not as fast Wink
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2Mb 20:1 Homeworker pro -> 1Mb 50:1 Homesurf


The Regrade fee wasn't scrapped by BT - This is going to cost you £55 + VAT I'm afraid. The main thing that changed was that you no longer need to go through 7 days of downtime while the account is changed. It is the same price to upgrade as it is to downgrade and it'a annoying for us all!

As far as I know, you can continue to pay the £1 extra for the domain on the new account (If you can't, I will fix it!).

To downgrade like this, you will need to request it via a Contact Us ticket, confirming that you will pay the Regrade charge.