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2MB Speed Issues.


2MB Speed Issues.

Hi all,

Recently i opened a ticket with plusnet to get my connection upgraded from 1MB to 2MB. I was unsure if my line would be sutiable for the 2MB connection so i was glad to hear that if my line couldn't take the regrade i would be refunded the fee of £14.99.

Upgrade happened fairly quickly after putting the request in, and thats where my problems started. When i first got the new speed it seemed fine, i could download at 220 kb/sec and plusnet speed checker was telling me my connection was 1.8/1.9 mbs.

A while later on the first day i started to get connection drops occuring quite regualry (every 30 mins or so). This lead me to believe that my line was bad and that it could not support the new speed. I waited it out another day so see if anything would change.

My second day on 2MB was different to the first i didn't seem to be getting connection drops anymore and i was downloading at fast speeds again. Until it got a bit later in the day and i was getting speeds of 5kb/sec download. I checked plusnet speed checker and it told me my connection was 150 k.
I retryed the checker and it kept giving me poor speeds all below 1MB. I couldn't download anything and webpages were taking and age to load up.
I tryed to reset my router multiple times but the speed issues were still the same. My ping was also very high to gaming servers (300 or so).

The next day in the morning my connection was fine again. I could download at full speed and it all seemed good. Until The day progressed and my speeds got gradually worse until i was back on 56k modem speeds again.
Despite all of this i was not getting disconnections from the internet which made me question wether it really is a problem with my line or not.

I did some research and found the specs of my line off my router:

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 2272 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 53.0 db 29.0 db
Noise Margin 7.2 db 26.0 db

I raised a ticket with plusnet telling them these specs and what problems i was getting. They told me that my line noise is far too high for 2MB and that they would get BT to investigate. I was annoyed at this because surly if my line specs are too high i should not of been regraded and should of been refunded my initial payment for the upgrade of my line.

I rasied a ticket with plusnet asking them if they could just stick me back on 1MB and they told me it will cost an me another £14.99 regrade payment, Unless i wait for BT to investigate and regrade me for free. I am highly annoyed at the moment as i guess the BT investiagtion process will take several weeks and i rely on my internet connection for work.

Do you guys think i should pay the £14.99 and be done with it? Or should i wait and see what BT has to say about what the problem might be?


E Carolan
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2MB Speed Issues.

This is happening way too often and to be fair has nothing to do with PlusNet.

It is BT who decided what speed your line will support and who did the upgrade, all PlusNet did was put the ordr in to have the fastest speed available (upto 2Mbs) and the rest was up to BT. Often BT use a database rather than actually testing the line and that database contains a lot of errors.

Your line attenuation is way above the limits that BT have themselves imposed for 2Mb speeds. This limit is 43dB so 53dB is way above this. Also to get a reliable connection your SNR needs to be above 10dB. At the time of the upgrade I suspect your SNR was around 10 -> 12dB so that was also too low to properly support 2Mbs - it was just enough for 1Mbs speeds.

PlusNet are basically piggy in the middle with this one. They cannot ask BT to downgrade your line because they would have to do it via an order which costs them money which is passed onto you as the £14.99 charge. All they can do is raise a fault on your line asking for your line to b checked due to the problems you have reported and the result of that investigation should be a free downgrade back to 1Mb AND your £14.99 upgrade fee refunded.

So you either pay a total of £30 to get back to your original speed (original £14.99 fee and a new one to do the regrade again) or wait for BT to fail the regrade and give you your original money back. I would try and wait a few more days for BT to sort the mess out that they have caused otherwise you will be £30 out of pocket.