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2MB Premier Contention Options Email


2MB Premier Contention Options Email

I received this email a couple of months ago which I know all 2MB customers (at that time) would have received -

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

Contention Options.

Following Tuesday's announcement and today's email on upcoming DSL speed increases, we'd like to review your specific broadband delivery.

As you may be aware, you're subscribed to a 2Mb product based on a 50:1 contention. Because you purchased the service prior to BT Wholesale making the 50:1 2Mb delivery available, we provisioned your connection on a 20:1 contention.

We have always stated that all customers provisioned on 20:1 would eventually be transferred to the 50:1 delivery you subscribed to. However, significant feedback has been received suggesting some customers may wish to remain on a 20:1 delivery should we make the option available.

After reviewing the feedback, we're pleased to announce the option to remain on 20:1 contention will be made available at a small additional cost of £5 per month inc. VAT.

On this option, usage will be subject to the £39.99 fair usage levels, excluding 'Lite' customers who will continue on a Pay As You Go basis. The additional cost is purely associated with the contention ratio.

Should you wish to access a higher or lower fair usage level, this will require a move to 50:1 delivery, and will therefore be subject to a regrade fee.

We intend to perform any transfers at the same time as implementing 'Max DSL' and enabling the broadband speed increases. With that in mind, within the next couple of weeks we'll be in touch again to let you know how you can confirm whether you prefer to remain on 20:1 or transfer to the 50:1 delivery.

I trust this clarifies the situation and once again apologise for the confusion caused by last week's email.

Best regards,

Marco Potesta
Marketing Director

Just a quick question - Any update on when we can choose to go to 50:1 or stay on 20:1 contention ??

Also - if we were to stay on the 20:1 would we have the upload speed increased to the 832-ish kbps as opposed to the 448kbps speed or do we STILL need to be on a business product ??

Reason I ask is because, if I simply need to stay on 20:1 to get the bigger upload speed (line conditions allowing) then I would like to stay on that.

2MB Premier Contention Options Email

No updates or info ?? :?
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2MB Premier Contention Options Email

PlusNet have not yet decided on a date for this to happen and as you can probably guess, the original timescales for this have slipped. It will occur at some point and you will receive an email detailing what you need to do if you want to remain on 20:1.

Whether you will actually get the higher upload speeds due to being on IPstream office 2000 is still unknown at this time. The initial speed upgrades are not to IPstream home/office max but to IPstream home/office 512, 1000 or 2000 and will still have the 256Kbs upload speeds. It's only when your line is upgraded to Max that the faster uploads are pssoble. If you line only suports 1Mb then no increase in upload speed will occur.