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20 minutes to connect!


20 minutes to connect!

Can anyone explain why it sometimes takes me 20+ minutes to make a connection?

My modem will sit there initialising, with it's Link led flashing for ages. Sometimes it can connect pretty quickly but increasingly it's taking 20 minutes or more.

It's very annoying when I just want to pop on quickly to check email before I go out.

So much for having a fast internet connection. I could've dialled in, downloaded whatever and been off twice over in the time it's taking me to just connect. Rubbish.

My modem is a usb Draytek dslVigor bought from Maplins.

Anyone having similar problems?

RE: 20 minutes to connect!

I can't really help. I have the same problem and I got my PCI modem from PlusNet. So I dont think its your modem.