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20.1 ratio


20.1 ratio

can anyone tell me the benefits of upgrading to the 20-1 ratio lineHuh?

i'd like to here from someone who has, and what improvements they found in doing so..

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20.1 ratio

You share a connection with max 20 people rather than 50, so when contention kicks in when DSL finally gets popular as it has in US. Then your download and upload speed will drop more on a 50:1 against a 20:1.
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20.1 ratio

has anyone any idea what the actual contention rate is at the moment, on average, across the network?

Also, where does this sharing actually happen? For examply, my exchange was just enabled for broadband, now is my connection shared with up the 50 (for my package) users on my local exchange or 50 users anywhere in the county?

And is it PlusNet users or any Broadband users?

All veryt confusing.

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20.1 ratio

Its contented at the exchange, contention is never likely to kick in at its full affects, BT are generally doing alot of upgrades to stop this happening.

I wouldnt upgrade for moving from 50:1 512k to 20:1 512k, as it will cost £50+vat and downtime and you probably wont notice too much difference. If you are upgrading to 1 meg or 2meg at the same time then fair enough.


20.1 ratio

I would not bother upgrading either.

I think that (generally) business users are put on 20:1 account and home users are put on 50:1 accounts. i would sooner share my bandwidth with 50 home users (most of which will just do e-mail and light surfing) than 20 businesses (who are more likely to be maxing out the bandwidth all the time).


20.1 ratio

lovely job fella's answered all my quetions in one hit Smiley

i think i'll leave it , and wait till i can afford the 1meg option.

many thanks