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2 (newbie) tech questions


2 (newbie) tech questions

First (really newbie) question...

To re-boot my modem or router, I need to unplug them for a minimum of 10 seconds. I get that bit. Smiley But there HAS to be some specific order of events that I'm missing. It always takes me like 10 minutes to get the modem, router and computer all communicating again. I've tried doing the modem first, I've tried doing the router first. I've tried disabling WAN on the router before re-booting. I've tried 'repairing' the connection. (Even tried it manually using cmd ipconfig.) But it's always the same - modem is synched, router is functioning - open up firefox - 'this page cannot be found'.

Second question...
Can boilers screw up your internet connection? I'm within hearing distance of our boiler - and quite often I hit a MAJOR lag spike with page loads that hang and hang and hang... and it seems this coincides with the 'click' of the boiler coming on. Our router is wireless - so I've considered it could be a 'channel conflict' but it's hard to find a 'better channel' when you've got five seconds of the boiler lighting to find an unaffected channel. Is it possible that it's just creating non-channel-related interference and is there anything I can do to lessen this (other than get a wood burning stove)?

Thanks. Smiley
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2 (newbie) tech questions

More likely it is an electricity spike when the boiler comes on. Used to happen to me to. Make sure you have your pc and router on a surge protected socket system or UPS would be ideal.