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2 modems on one line


2 modems on one line

I have just installed broadband modem to the ground floor phone line with a wireless modem/router.
Unfortunately the signal is not strong enough to reach the attic where we would like a second connection.
We considered the first alternative to wireless as wired using ethernet cable from attic direct to router on ground floor.

The house is professionally wired with phone extentions to ground floor and attic

Would there be any reason not to consider having a second modem in the attic? both running off the same phone line possibly at the same time.
Would this be a feasable option?
I would be grateful for and feedback on this
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2 modems on one line

That's a no-go. The exchange has to synchronise with the modem so there is a point to point connection between the two. It can't do that to 2 separate modems. You could have the two modems but only connect one at a time but that mans only the local PC will hav internet access.

Can you not perhaps locate the ADSL modem half way between the two locations - in a beadroom perhaps, which may then get you enough signal to your attic. That does mean you may need to connect the PC on the ground floor with a wireless connection.

You will need a way to connect to the router with a wired connection if you want to configure and update it.

2 modems on one line

You have a few options.
Get a better antena it depends if you are getting a signal in the attic. You can get a 10db gain attena for the pc which may do it or you can get a Yagi for the modem/router which would boost the signal.

2 you can use ethernet its a lot faster and more relibale.

3 You could get the new type mains network cards you simple plug them into the mains and plug the pc into them as it uses the mains it willreach anywere you like with no extra wire.

You cant even have 2 modems plugge din at the same time as it will kill the adsl
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2 modems on one line

Is it not possible to add a second wireless router part way between the machines to act as a booster? I may soon need to do this myself as I hope to be moving to a three story house with one PC on the ground floor and another on the top floor.
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2 modems on one line

You don't want a second router but you could add a "wireless access point" which is a lot cheaper and will do the job.
Just make certain that its set for a different frequency (channel) from your router and it work with no trouble.

Edit:- This one would do the job fine