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2 computers, not networked, running off one modem?


2 computers, not networked, running off one modem?

I have two pc's at the moment and am trying to run both machines temporaily off one modem (not at the same time).
I havn't figured out the networking connections yet so have chosen to install the drivers and modem onto both systems (win xp) after a bit of troubleshooting I managed to get them running fine, except for one pc not displaying the web pages when connected, this is probably the age old mistake which I have overlooked...any suggestions?

Is this a worth while alternative to networking? At the moment I swap the USB lead over to the other machine to use the internet.

This pc also had temporaily connected at 8.0Mbps too!

2 computers, not networked, running off one modem?

The machine which isn't loading webpages sounds like it doesn't have it's DNS addresses set correctly. To check, do the following:

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Run
  • Type cmd in the window
  • In the window which appears, type ipconfig /all[/listShocked]

    The dns servers should be set to and If not, you can change them by doing the following :

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Control Panel
  • Double-click Network Connections
  • Double-click your network connection
  • In the window that pops up click Properties
  • Choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list and click Properties
  • Change the dot from Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically to Use The Following DNS Server Addresses
  • Enter into the first box, and in the second box enter[/listShocked]

    As an alternative to swapping the modem around, you could take a look at ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) which is a feature built into XP allowing multiple machines to use the one connection. However, this requires network cards to be present on both of the machines. More details of this are on the Microsoft ICS site.

    As for the 8Mbps - that was probably a mistake made by the modem, an 8Mbps connection is impossible on the BT network Smiley
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    2 computers, not networked, running off one modem?

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the advice, I changed the DNS settings, and unfortunatly the pages still don't load up.
    Could there be a restriction due to McAfee anti virus/firewall?