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2/3 speed drop in 8 months.


2/3 speed drop in 8 months.

I signed up for Plus Net a 8 months ago.

When I started using the service I was seeing speeds just under 1mb - this was acceptable to me.

Recently, it has fallen as low as 512kb as you can see from the attached screen shot.

Why has this happened ?



2/3 speed drop in 8 months.

Are you on MaxDSL (up to 8Mbps) or a fixed rate line (1Mbps/2Mbps)?

What is your modem/router setup? Are you using a router or modem, and how are you connected to it? Is it connected to the master socket or via an extension cable?

If you could post the model you're using that'd be helpful.

Also try the below-
1. Check that all telephone points and extensions have microfilters installed.
2. Try swapping the microfilter for your modem with another one, either new or from elsewhere in the house.
3. Unplug everything from your the phone line and plug your modem directly into the master socket or- better still- into the test socket (see Q30 here for how to find your test socket).
4. If possible try connecting with a different modem/router.

I should also point out that the speedtester you are using in in the process of being replaced as it's not as reliable as it could be- try instead.

2/3 speed drop in 8 months.

Thanks so much for you reply for your reply lestones -

I'm on MaxDSL (up to 8Mbps)
I am using a Mentor Wireless-G. Its connected directly to the main socket via a filter. I have connected to it wireless and through a LAN cable.
I have swapped the microfilters.
I have unplugged everything else (i.e my phone and Sky)
I have NOT tried another router yet.
I tried the test socket shown in Q30

I was advised by the support team to raise a speed fault with them which I did. This resulted in them asking me to do spped tests @ The speed came back at < 0.1 mb. Then they did a 'Broadband Fault Checker' the results of this came back as 'Inconclusive'. I am awaiting further advice from them.

The speed tester returned the following information:

(snip from screen shot 1) "Your configured throughput speed for this service is 135k"


(snip from screen shot 2) "Actual throughput achieved during the test was 93 kbps"

screen shot 1 ->

screen shot 2 ->

I am researching these messages - Can anyone offer any advice if this points at a fault on my line ? or is it ISP related ?

2/3 speed drop in 8 months.

The fact that your bRAS profile is so low tells us either that you are consistently syncing at a very low rate, or that your line is unstable and intermitently dropping to extremely low sync rates (or completely).

This could be caused by the exchange, your line, or your internal wiring.

As you have swapped the microfilters and have tried the test socket it suggests it isn't something internal to your house.

Do be aware though-
*BT will only raise your bRAS profile after your line has consistently been syncing at a higher rate for 3-5 days. Therefore any changes you make will only see an increase in throughput after this period. Sync rate should however increase rapidly following any positive changes.
*Monitoring your sync rate using your modem might be a good idea to see if this is an intermittent or constant problem.

The next step is probably to perform a quiet line test with everything removed from your line except a phone and a filter. To do this dial 17070 and select option 2. If you can hear hissing, buzzing or beeps on the line then this is probably a line fault.

To be really sure, borrow a neighbours phone (wired not DECT) that doesn't make noise and another filter and try again.

If you're still hearing at this point raise a noise fault with BT by dialling 150 from your phone. DO NOT mention broadband at all, the chances are it's your voice line that's causing the problem.