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1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!


1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

Just wondering if there is any plans to extend the reach/limits for 1meg adsl?

I am currently on 512k and have tried to get 1meg but i am too far from the exchange, so with the current trials going on in MK i was wondering if there was any news/gossip/rumors about extending the reach/liomits for the 1meg adsl lines?

Thanks for any feedback
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1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

None that I am aware of. The extended reach trials in MK/Scotland are for 512K up to 10KM. I don't know if this will mean 1Mb/2Mb will be possible further than the current limit of 3.5KM but none of the info I have seen so far suggests this is being tested.

I think the goal of the trial is to get 512K speeds at longer distances as a minimum to allow BT to achieve their 99.6% planned broadband coverage.

We will just have to wait and see.

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

There is a rumor that BT will consider increasing the limits on 1Mb, possibly giving it its own limit (seperate to 2Mb).

However, this will not likely happen until the end of the trials, possibly towards November.

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

These trials in MK/Scotland, are they simply a case of BT trying a longer distance or are they using new hardware to allow for a greater distance?

From what I have read it appears that the initial 5.5km was too strict to begin with, so if I am correct then they have been denying people access to BB for no apparent reason.

I wonder if BT/ could do something about the long wait for activation, having to wait 10 working days to get an ADSL line is really appalling, especially when nobody can be bothered to tell you in advance whether you can actually get it for sure.

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

Yes sure. Just pop in a order and an engineer will be dispatched on a Priority 1 call, because sombody ordered broadband.

The reality is, it takes 7-10 days because of the process involved.

BT are a business that operates on a timetable, where engineers must ben booked to do various jobs.

They can't just down tools on one job, to see to another. This would see caos, and no work completed.

The process involves:

1: Checking of exchange side availability
2: Booking an engineer for the exchange side work
3: Testing the line for its abaility to support ADSL
4: Frames work to move the line onto the DSLAM frame
5: Configure the port onto the correct VP

That is at your exchange. They must also make configuration changes at the local RAS/POP, to allow you to connect to the correct ISP.

All this work can't be rushed, otherwise you end up with hundreds of early life failures.

As for telling you inadvance if you can get it or not. Well, the fact is, how are they supposed to do that, when the only definate way is to actualy attempt to connect you.

In most cases these days, activation is completed in as few as 4 days, but that will depend on the engineers available, and how full the timetables are at your local exchange.

This isn't you local dentist, looking after his book of patients, but a national company, that deals with thousands of lines, at thousands of exchnages.

As for the trials. BT are using no extra exchange side configuration or equipment. However. They are attempting to visit the homes of those activated, to test from the master socket, and where needed, use a faceplate filter, that complies to the BT SIN.

Where needed, they are also installing a extra hardwires extention, with CAT5 cable.

The speculation is that most of the BT network can handle the signal without issue. However, customer side extention wireing and other issues, prevent them from getting it. So they are trying to introduce a controlled install, to find the weak link.

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

I understand it's not a 5 minute job but when you work from home, earning your full time living from the internet a 56k connection is no good to man nor beast.

When I order something I usually expect it here yesterday, that is what people expect these days.

How quickly everyone forgets the fact that BT fleeced us all for years with over inflated prices, what did they do with all the money? I wonder why, like every other public service in the UK, the infrastructure is old and poor. In other countries access to ADSL is far more widespread as is the speed available.

Your CS said yesterday my order is due for completion by the end of today but guess what, nothing has changed... no surprise there!

There isn't even any information as to what date the engineer will be processing my order, surely BT know that, so do Plus.Net but all I get is:

'Dear Customer,

Your order is due to be completed by EOD tomorrow.


Whichever way you look at it 8 days is way too long, maybe BT should hire more engineers if they can't cope with demand. After all this it'll probably turn out I can't get ADSL anyway.... that would be just typical wouldn't it.

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

First off, I do not work for PlusNet.

If you feel this strong about this, then there is one remidy. Become a BT shareholder, and make you peice known.

Only, if it was that easy, things would have changed already.

BT are a profit making business, that answers to its shareholders. If they say no, then things don't happen.
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1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

BT were owned by the government, and when they said no (which they did frequently) nothing happens either. Wink

1Meg ADSL - Distance etc!

Actualy, when the goverment owned BT (or the Postoffice, however you want to look at it), they where very pro-active, and wanted to push ahead with a Next Generation network.

The Thatcher government said NO, that the cable companies should lead this roll. All we saw from those guys was a lot of red figures on there accounts and no planned rollout.

Back then, BT where very pro-active, privatisation took care of that pipe dream, just as it has changed our Rail Network for the better.

FTTH (as it is known), is only just being pushed forward by the Profit making BT, and even those that will be lucky enough, won't see it till 2006.

If the Government had yes, then we could well be seeing 10Mb upwards to the household these days, even if it wasn't all that cheap.