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1Mb -> 2Mb Home account upgrade


1Mb -> 2Mb Home account upgrade

Has anyone done an upgrade from the newly offered 1Mb 20:1 connection to the shiny 2Mb offering yet?

I'm thinking of doing the upgrade, but don't want to incur a further activation charge or significant downtime whilst the upgrade is performed.

Any info would be appreciated!

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1Mb -> 2Mb Home account upgrade

Hi Steve,

At the moment, if you want to move from the service that you are currently on to the 2000 product you would have to have a "cease and reprovide".

This essenially means that your current service would be turned off and the 2000 service then enabled. This would cost a re-provide fee of £55+VAT and also result in 7-10 days of downtime.

At the moment there is no way around this as BT simply do not have the systems in place at the moment. There are plans to get this in place by late this summer but as yet nothing definate has been scheduled.


1Mb -> 2Mb Home account upgrade

my Friend has just done this upgrade with blue yonder. all he had to do was send them an e-mail requesting the upgrade and it was done withing the hour. NO disconnection and reactivation costs or anything. just an extra £15 per month

1Mb -> 2Mb Home account upgrade

This is done via cable technology and not through the BT DSL network.

It would be excelent if BT started doing this, but they are kind of slow on there feet.