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1MB to 2MB - Speed Decrease


1MB to 2MB - Speed Decrease


I recently upgraded from 1 MB to 2 MB

I was using a Eicon Diva ADSL Modem/router, all was fine but after a while it started dropping the line frequently

I purchased a Netgear 834 ADSL Router/Firewall the disconnection problems were resolved straight away, but i have found that my download speed is not only slower than my previous 1mb connection, but the speed tests on plusnet are coming in below what you would expect for a 512kb account.

My OS is XP Home

I am running Norton 2005 Anti Virus

I did have Service pack 2 installed for XP Home but removed it due to a few software incompatibilities.

any 1 with any advice, this would be most appreciated



1MB to 2MB - Speed Decrease

I heard that Norton messes with the PN speed test so u might want to turn it off whilst u do the test.

I'd never recommend reversing out of a service pack either. If it doesn't work, flatten and re-install from scratch is pretty much the only good way of going back; not that this is likely to affect the results anyway.

Better way of doing the speed test is to use the one where u alter all yer router settings to use the BT speed test. I don't have the intructions to hand however I'll bet they are under the tutorial forum.
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1MB to 2MB - Speed Decrease

Go through the suggestions / tests on

If the BT speedtest is showing the same low speeds, it's a BT problem and you need to raise a contact us ticket so PlusNet can report the problem to BT.

Speed Reduction

I have exactly the same problem. Upgraded from 1mb to 2 mb 3 weeks ago and all was fine for 3 days then my download speed dropped to below what I was getting on the 512kb service. PlusNet and BT have run tests and confirm slow speeds but no resolution yet. I have purchased a new modem, tried another computer, new filters and plugging direct into the master socket which has made no difference. BT engineer now calling tomorrow so I will be interested to see what he finds. BT helpdesk did say that part of my line is aluminium but I thought that was OK? I note that the size of file used for the speed test on the PlusNet speedtester has also gone down to what it used to be on the 512kb service.

Speed issue update

Update on speed problem. BT engineer found no fault with my line or equipment but did confirm slow download speed both at my end of the phone line and at the exchange. They have performed a "Lift and shift" (Their words) and changed something at the exchange and I am now back with a 2mb connection. Maybe the faster speeds puts more stress on the kit in the exchange and it defaults back to a 512kb service if it detects a problem?

1MB to 2MB - Speed Decrease

A lift and shift is northing more than taking your existing wire, and moving it somewhere else.

In other words, the line quality tests passed with flying colours, but moving your line fixed it.

It's a head scratcher.

Lift and Shift

I think it involved more than that as the BT Engineer phoned me from the exchange to say they had sent for some kit so my entire line would be down for about an hour. I got the impression they were changing a card or something.