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1MB, My Exchange Loops through Hampton Exchange GRRRRRR

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Registered: 31-07-2007

1MB, My Exchange Loops through Hampton Exchange GRRRRRR

My day has just got worse

Before i start im not faulting plusnet at this stage im blaming BT !!!!!

Ever since i Joined the 1MB service ive had nothing but problems with high pings, choke and loss
whilst gaming online
Download speeds are eratic all the time
Please note prior to getting the 1MB on 512K it was great

I have been deprived of gaming online with my clan for months now as i cant simply play because of pings (I GET BOOTED OUT OF SERVERS FOR HAVING TO HIGH A PING)

Just had a email from Ian Wild telling me this

BT have just confirmed that the physical loop your exchange is on runs via
the Hampton Exchange, which is where there is already a known "Threshold"
problem (Which means that the link hits capacity for most of the day). BT
have work scheduled to upgrade this link, but won't give me an ETA (They
have stated weeks, not months but that is as far as I can get). As soon as I
hear more, I will get back to you.

So as you can see this is classic example of BT cutting corners
This is unbeliveable it means that im suffering contention all the time 24/7 as we all know that contention is present on the Hampton Exchange

So yet again BT thankyou for screwing with us and cutting corners
A trained bunch of chimps could do a better job than you BT

All i can say at this stage is i really want to stay with plusnet and if this isnt resloved soon then ill be leaving ADSL as theres no point anymore

Regards Sven Hatch

I personaly thank Ian Wild and the team at plusnet for trying so hard in my fault but it seems like me and plusnet have now hit a brick wall ( ITS CALLED BT ) Evil