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1GB a month?


1GB a month?

Hi people,

ive just purchased the £14.99 a month deal but no where in the details when purchasing does it specify a download limit of 1GB a month.

Does anyone know a way i can upgrade this? if so how much would it cost?

Replying Ivan


I just had a carefull look through the braodband plus specification here on the portal and I couldnt see any where were it clearly states a limit of 1GB per month (unless I missed something?).

Have another look though the specifications of the products/services:

**I'm sure that if you decided that perhaps BB+ wasnt the best product for you after all and you wanted to upgrade to say Premier that should be quite possible. Although that would of course increase the monthly cost of your service from £14.99 to £21.99.


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1GB a month?

For £14.99, you can either have bought the Broadband Plus, which has no download limit, but traffic shaping on P2P; or you could have bought the PAYG package which has minimal shaping and 1Gb of transfer included, with extra Gb available at £1 each.

Look at your account details to find out which it is.