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16 days with no connectivity and no help


16 days with no connectivity and no help

16 days now since I lost my broadband connectivity. Have called Support at least five times (usually waiting 20-30 minutes on the 0845 line) and raised numerous 'tickets'. Nine days ago they promised to get BT to check the line and said I'd receive a call back within three days. No call, and no message left on the answering machine.

Either BT have failed to respond these past nine days or PlusNet haven't even bothered to contact them. Based on past experience with BT I frankly don't believe they take nine days to look at a line problem.

One thing does work - PlusNet just collected my direct debit.

Getting your service restored,Ivan

Hello cheamvillage

Sadly, having delt with BT in the past in my professional role as an IT systems administrator ( a few years back now) they were painfully slow in the past and I'd seriously doubte they have changed in anyway. Even if PlusNet have pasted your problem to the BT faults team it can easily take BT 7-10 days to get off their backsides and send out a numty to look at it.

**One trick you could well try is to phone up BT and log a voice call fault with them, that will be logged and then they should test your line and if a fault is then found that should get their attention more quickly than a broadband fault.

(note: if your going to try logging a voice fault with them DONT what ever you do mention broadband or who your ISP is, DONT mention PlusNet at all, just play dumb with them!).

If its a line problem and you log a voice problem your ADSL stuff might well get sorted as well at the same time, its definately worth a try you have nothing to loose by trying this?

**Do you still have a voice call service on your phone line? i.e. ordinary phone calls.

**If you lift the handset /receiver do you get alot of crackling or noise?

**Have you checked all your equipement is working, i.e. your modem or router before your sure its a phone line related problem.

** have you checked and tried the line splitter or filter on the master BT socket on the wall?

**Have PlusNet performed a WHOOSH test on your line, if NOT then thats the first thing that needs doing as a daignostic test, before it can be passed to BT.

**DONT GIVE UP, BE Persistent with PN keep phoning them, 16 days is NOT acceptible as your NOT being provided with the service your still paying for.

**As a consumer you have definate rights and if your paying for a service but NOT receiving the said service the ISP or BT are in breach of contract, if in doubte your local trading standards office will be able to help you with this.

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16 days with no connectivity and no help

Cheers Ivan

Yes I know BT can be pretty poor but my more recent experience with them suggests they usually manage to look at problems within a few days.

PN do claim to have carried out that WHOOSH test. But on one of the occasions I managed to get thru to their Support I was told "We are aware there has been a problem, disconnect your modem for an hour, then it will be OK"

As for reporting a line fault to BT, I'm a bit nervous about that. A few years ago called 192 to report CLI not working (not really a big deal for me) and an hour later van man appears, blames my phone and says his (uninvited) visit will cost some £56. He gets really cross when I sign his paperwork "under protest" but sure enough, that sum's added to my next BT bill!

Presumably going to BT for your broadband at least prevents the ISP blaming BT.