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100% dissatisfied with PlusNet – cheating at its best


100% dissatisfied with PlusNet – cheating at its best

Since 1st October 2006, my PlusNet broadband connection has ceased. Since then, I have learned about PlusNet hidden rules and shocking cheating.

If PlusNet does not provide a service, payments must be maintained. PlusNet terms & conditions specify a payment of one month in advance. However, the customer must keep paying and it doesn’t reimburse money when it fails to provide a service. PlusNet cheats all customers with its terms & conditions.

PlusNet does not deal with customers’ broadband failure. By default, all technical issues are left unattended for 5 days at the outset; they are left unresolved and a new 5-day cycle is restarted for other unspecified failures. It blames vividly the LLU broadband network supplier for all technical faults, but it cannot confirm when it contacts the LLU supplier and for which purpose. PlusNet cheats customers by blaming third-parties and by staying fully inactive.

PlusNet claims that its testing shows that the broadband line is working when it is constantly dead. It cannot substantiate the source of failure of its own testing unit: corrupted testing software and hardware, unqualified personnel, non-performed testing. PlusNet cheats customers by not testing the fault line and not having adequate testing system.

PlusNet has several units for customer service requests. All units are manned by a single person dealing with everything from technical faults to billing, including abuse. Customer service is operated by few technicians, who do not address customers’ needs. PlusNet cheats customers by a complete lack of adequate staff, support and actions.

PlusNet claims a 92% satisfied customers. Just another lie, as it does not publicize about customers that it abuses.

That message is to be available on PlusNet forums and to other external forums. PlusNet can remove the message from its own forums, as an obvious evidence of its complete lack of customer care.