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10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?


10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?

Having finally decided my modem was too slow, I ordered Broadband on 21/02/06.

I chose what looked like a reasonable deal - £14.99 / month for up-to 8Mbps. Actually, I would have been happy with 512Kbps, but a bargin's a bargin.

Over 10 weeks later, I still have no ADSL service of any description.

I think I've been very patient, but this is now getting silly. Before at least Plusnet responded (albeit incredebly tersely) to my 'Contact Us' Ticket 18974789, but now they no longer do so. The customer support 'phone line is a joke.

I've read various 'sticky' posts about various upgrade queues and priorities, but is Plusnet entirely ignoring new Broadband customers? 'Seems a curious business descision to me.

Is this experience normal?


10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?

Not much info to go on here
Are you paying for broadband?
Have you recieved or do you already have a modem/router?
If so have you configured it?
What have Plusnet told you so far

10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?

They've taken the inital payment.

You may recall there's a broadband order tracker in the Portal - this has been stuck on the "Activating Line (this may take 7 - 10 days)" section for the last 10 Weeks!

The deal I signed up for included a USB modem - this has not been despatched, as far as I can tell, and certainly not been received.

Plusnet have said (copied and pasted a stock message, that is) several times that word to the effect that "This order is in delay due to system problems with BTWholesale and many ISPs". I'll send the exact text the next message.

In another house, in another role, I have set up a Broadband connection so I know how easy it CAN be. PlusNet really seem to have cocked this order up royally.

More soon...

10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?

As promised here the basic message that I've received 5 times now, via the Contact Us Ticket:


Assigned : Dear Mr Hopkins,
Unfortunately your order is in delay due to SYSTEM PROBLEMS EFFECTING MANY ORDERS AND ALL ISPS at BT. We are aware of the frustration this can be causing & we will keep chasing BT for an update on when these orders will be completed.

We will recheck the orders progress for you shortly as BT have advised us to check in 48 hours to see if the the order has been progressed any further.

Thank you for your continued patience in this matter.

The next action on your Contact Us Ticket is due on Thursday 4th May at 9:00am. This ticket will remain open with the BOT - Delayed Orders until this time.Additional information is provided below:

[25/04/2006 20:12:52] - 25/04 System problems are preventing this order
from progressing. Will review on 04/05

Dave Wilson

I have no evidence that my order is ever checked within 48 hours as suggested. I mean, plusnet re-opened this ticket on the 4th an there is still no action/reponse on the ticket.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?


In the cicumstances I would suggest that you PM one of the Comms Team (dtomlinson, mandbeckett or jwhiting for example) and repeat what you have said here.

By the way, I hope you know that the modem is not exactly "free" but it's cost is deferred over 5 years so if you leave within a year you have to refund the full £25 cost-- similarly with the deferred activation cost of £47.

10 weeks after order and no new connection - Normal?

Thanks, shellsong

I'll try a PM.

I note what you say about the 'free' modem and can't help thinking leaving plusnet is a very likely prospect now.

I've had various Plusnet and Force9 accounts over the last 8-9 years or so which I've maintained for family, friends, and myself. Whereas previously I recommended Plusnet without thinking twice, this mess has really pi&%ed me off.