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1 Gig Broadband ?


1 Gig Broadband ?

In some test carried out on a new product they manged transfer speeds of nearly a gig. With it you can download 3 dvd's in under a min. Is it expensive? No its free.

The current internet is only 25% efficient and 75% is lost. When you request data the server sends some packets and then waits for a reply if the reply is late it resends the packet and waits longer next time so the speed keeps going down.

Have you ever started a download with a good speed and then it drops in seconds? This is were the problem lies.

With FAST it doesnt delay in the same way and its 99% efficient. you cant go any faster than the hardware but because of the efficency the speed increase can be astonomical. Its not Vapour ware its up and running and has won world wide compertitions.

It is free for no comercial use and the details are here

It is only on Linux at the moment.

With new P2P built on the new system it could be amazing.

Fasting TCP!! Ivan


YEP!! nice stuff but clealry still in the arena of interlectual and academic research though. Its very important that such stuff is being thought about and developed and tested and I'm sure that something like this may become part of the future of the internet in a few years time. Sadly I suspect that until it becomes freely available for a windows platform it wont have the larger scale take up it could do with.

**definately one to keep an eye on though, agreed!!

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1 Gig Broadband ?

There are plans to make it available soon for windows. But it can be used now if you have a webserver and you want to let people download fast you can install it on both machines and your away.

I am sure MS will get in on the act very soon as the danger is if they dont and it runs on linux/unix then these servers will out perform MS and Bill wont like that.

Being open source somone will put it into P2P and the music/film industry are very worried. On the other hand streaming films & TV wil be much better.

As its free and you can get it now maybe Plus net should give it a try?

As its so easy to impliment I am sure it will soon be available as it could solve half of the problem with the net