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£1.50 referrals but only £1.25 discounted?


£1.50 referrals but only £1.25 discounted?

PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 1Mb £0.50 12/06/05
PlusNet Broadband Plus - Up to 2Mb £0.50 08/07/05
Broadband EasyStart † £1.00 21/06/05
Total £2.00

I have the above referrals (ignore the Plus in italics as its only been added this week) so should have £1.50 discounted....but when i check my billing (Premier @ £21.99) i have only £1.25 deducted for around 5 months billing!
There is one month with £2.25 deducted though! :roll:

What going on?! :?
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£1.50 referrals but only £1.25 discounted?

The referral values changed very recently (upwards). Previously the broadband home had a value of 25p (increased to 50p now) and easystart may have been 75p (incleased to £1 now). So that would account for the £1.50/month you had benn getting which whould now be £2

It also depends on when your billing date is compared to your referrals. A referral is only applied to your account after the referree has actually paid their monthly subscription.

This does not explain all the inconsistancies (like the £2.25 month).

All I can suggest is raise a ticket and get the referal value payments checked for the past 5 months.

£1.50 referrals but only £1.25 discounted?

Thanks Peter, i might well do that!