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Aims and Timescales for the Trial

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Aims and Timescales for the Trial

Plusnet have stated the aims of the trial are to review the system from both a technical and product perspective, the key considerations being:

  • 1. To verify that the system operates trouble free for end users and Plusnet staff, does not generate support calls and does not add noticeable levels of latency to customer connections.

  • 2. To prove the scalability of the solution, testing it under enough load to predict how the solution will scale up with the number of subscribers.

  • 3. To confirm that Customers recognise there is value in the solution, (as an added-value item at a small additional cost - to be defined by Plusnet).


  • Phase 0: Staff only: Completed.

  • Phase 1: PUG and staff: Up to 08/05/2008

  • Phase 2: Initial trialist users progressively increasing in numbers to verify platform scalability under load: Up to 30/06/2008, progressing into

  • Phase 3: Acceptance tests, continued increase in the number of users and preview of Parental Control Agent (alpha): Up to 02/09/2008

  • Phase 4: Re-engineer the platform and launch as a paid-for product: (TBD depending on survey feedback)

Success Criteria
The fundamental measure of success is customer feedback.
- Are people happy to use the solution?
- Do people see value in paying for it?
- If it were offered to the wider customer base, would it be a popular option?
Technical success is being measured internally by Plusnet and those results won't be published here - This trial will focus on User Acceptance Testing of the solution.
Present Status
28/02/2008 Phase 0 completed.
29/02/2008 Phase 1 launch underway.
14/03/2008 First PUG users on the trial
25/03/2008 Initial users removed for investigation of an authentication problem
07/04/2008 Trial restarted for initial users
02/05/2008 Public announcement of trial and call for trialist volunteers
14/05/2008 First trialist volunteers on the trial
27/05/2008 Over 100 trialist volunteers now involved
06/06/2008 Review of phase content/timescales
09/07/2008 Demonstration of eSafe Agent to PUG
11/08/2008 Trial Update, New Survey and Plan published
02/09/2008 Trial concluded, service withdrawn pending launch as a paid-for product New
This topic is work in progress, and will be updated as the trial progresses.