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Trials update

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Registered: 05-04-2007

Trials update

To keep you up to speed what we are now doing, we are now asking some customers to test out the PAYH platform, we are sending out the following information to them:

We are currently working on being able to offer Plusnet customers the option of moving their webspace to PAYH, in doing this there will be no charge to yourself.

Please note at present this is just for a trial period, and can be withdrawn at any time.

At present we are only able to offer or for your website on the PAYH platform. Email services will remain unaffected and you will continue to use Plusnet for this.

With regards to support on this service, this will only be provided at present through the community site, in the following forum:,6.0.html

If you wish to take part in this trial, please can you sign up for a standard account on the link below and then respond to this ticket with your user name so that we are able to add the domain to your account for you.

If you have any further queries please feel free to get in touch.
Just wanted to let you know to give you a heads up.