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Subdomains on Plesk

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Subdomains on Plesk

I haven't any plans to do this just yet (run, walk, you can, before [Rearrange!]) but are there any restrictions on the usage of the sub domain facility? I.e. can I have a sub domain that is say for example.
I'm thinking along the lines of or or Huh
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Re: Subdomains on Plesk

Yes you are able to do this, to set this up, you can either raise a ticket following the add new domain to your PAYH account and ask for the subdomain to be added.
If you are happy in setting DNS then you can do this yourself by logging in to your PAYH control panel and adding the sub domain, you will then need to set an A record up in the Plusnet member centre to point towards your PAYH account.