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Planning ahead for a domain move

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Planning ahead for a domain move

Having successfully moved one of my domains to plesk I am thinking ahead for a move of a more important live site that I run on a separate account for someone.
Is it possible to create a holding directory to build the site and get it running correctly before moving the domain name to plesk.
i.e create a place holder directory, so to speak, when I'm happy with the new site raise a ticket to move the domain to that directory.
This is a very large site that would be disruptive should it go down for too long so I want to get it right with little impact.
Guidance would be appreciated.
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Registered: 05-04-2007

Re: Planning ahead for a domain move

If you let me know the domain name on your account, I will be able to add it to plesk for you, then you will be able to raise a ticket when you are ready to flip the dns.
During this time, you will be able to use the site preview button in your control panel to see how the site is looking.