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Hi Guys,
I wanted to ask you specifically about the MS frontpage platform. As you may know, Microsoft stopped providing / supporting a Unix version of the frontpage server 2 years ago, which in short means that we will undoubtedly have to sunset our support for Frontpage at some stage. As it runs from the CGI platform, we can't really justify keeping the CGI platform running just for frontpage, and as such I was wondering what people's views were?
Not that many people use frontpage now, but there are some,  and I'm sure it's removal will cause pain. Do you think that is something we should just bear, or does anyone have suggestions for what we could do to help customers who currently have a frontpage site?
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Re: Frontpage

I guess this is one of the Lose / Lose situations Ian Cry
Damned if you do damned if you don't!
Frontpage is old technology and I for one would not be sad to see its passing.  But lots of people seem to still use use it despite the poor code gegeneration etc.........  Re-factoring the code may not be that simple for those with limited technical skills, as any more recent package is likely to spit out lots of  compliance issues on an apparently working site?  Transition support could be very costly if you attempt it.
I would treat it as a separate problem from the current CCGI platform move and publish the end date for support of Front page asap.  Yes there will be cries, but it just has to happen. 
Addressing what you are going to replace it with and any migration tools you may choose to supply can then be part of the NEW Hosting plan?  Trying to handle the Hosting Migration AND Front page  in the one package will be a nightmare.
My 2p