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wireless usb

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wireless usb

Could you have a little look at the post"could someone please check"and tell me if i would also need a wireless usb  to go with my netgear dg834g and if so which one.
Thanks a million...........its about 8 posts below this one Smiley
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Re: wireless usb

Hi Indybutts, Iknow you are new.
A little bit of friendly, on this forum it is  frowned on to cross post, i.e. to open a new thread to get people to look at another one.
another rule I know you havnt broken yet is if you do a quote, dont  us a full quote of the immediately preceding post. short quotes are ok
its about 8 posts below this one

Well it might have been when you wrote this but the position is dynamic
Now to your question.
A) as you know the 210 is purely a wired router, that OK if your two PC are within easy reach of the 210, long cables are not appreciated.
B) if your machines are in separate rooms, it is better to get a new router, I havnt used one, but people around here favour Netgear products. that support 4 machines and is the hub, as is your 210
C)it depends if you machine have wifi built in, most recent ones do, the choice of a wifi add on depends on you machine and technical competence.  On PC machines it is better to fit an internal card.  On the Lap top a pcm card is better than a USB one
d) if you want to network your two machine, that where it gets difficult, you will need a lot of hand holding while you set it up, its not impossible, some one has just done it XP - Vista.  I have two XP laptops networked