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very poor and frustrating customer support and faults teams - intermittent fault

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very poor and frustrating customer support and faults teams - intermittent fault

I joined Madasafish / Plusnet many many years ago. Have been experiencing an intermittent fault since mid-december (didnt think much of it initially as it was quite infrequent). Service then became unusable so reported in January. We are currently the 12th of March and I've been having discussions with (so called) customer service at Plusnet/Madasfish twice/three/four times a week (incl weekends) for over 6 weeks now. It goes like this:
- quality of staff is very poor (ie - customer service does NOT help - they pass messages)
- faults team tries to help (I change my router, then find out it's NOT my router), they reset the line and then think it's been fixed when it has NOT
- you ring again, they raise a new fault (ie no continuity), new customer service guy "passes the message", you wait 2-3 days
- they think they fix it but don't, they send an engineer from Openreach (twice) who does various things (socket change) and recommends changes (ie fixed SNR setting, interleaving) to line settings. PlusNet then supposedly switch to the right settings (although for some reason, the new settings are not put through properly, but there is no one to actually check whether the job has been done properly and follow up)
- you then call again and to the whole thing starts again and again.
In essence, I've been going from week to week for more than 2 months like this and NO ONE takes personal ownership of a situation - it just gets passed from shift to shift, there is NO follow up to check whether a situation has been resolved (ie they test the line, see that the download speed is 16Mb, they assume it's fine, when it actually it is NOT as the line keeps dropping and download speed is actually 1-200k/s despite repeated discussions (hours on the phone, waiting times of 25minutes+, etc and speaking to incompetent staff). You ask for a manager, no one is there to speak to you, etc, etc, etc.
Perhaps someone from PlusNet will understand that they need to up their game here big time - specific situations sometimes need specific follow up, especially in relation to intermittent faults.
As of this writing, escalated to a manager, but not expecting much given very recent experience, as its being passed to BT/Openreach.
Does anyone have the names of senior management which have the responsibility for running customer issues. Service used to be good - it's really poor now.
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Re: very poor and frustrating customer support and faults teams - intermittent fault

I'm really sorry for the problems that you're having with the dropping on your broadband connection. I can completely understand your frustration, this has been going on much longer than it has needed to. I can see that Martin has taken personal ownership of this issue, this was done just after midday yesterday.
An escalation has been raised by Martin with our suppliers to get further pressure put on our suppliers to get this fault resolved. I will be using this post to feed back to the Managers on the Faults Team as this is completely unacceptable and isn't the level of service that we aim to provide.
I will go and speak to Martin now and and discuss this fault with him and I will have him get in touch with you to outline how this fault is going to be resolved.
If you need anything in the meantime, please do let me know and I'll do what I can for you.