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used moved to Plusnet - WAP query

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used moved to Plusnet - WAP query

Hi, moved from BT Infinity yesterday to Plusnet fibre. When with BT I used my own netgear wireless router with the Openreach modem and not the BT HH3. Now I'm thinking of still using the Openreach modem and netgear but plugging the HH3 upstairs to use it as a wireless access point to boost the WiFi range upstairs. I have homeplugs I can use to connect the netgear and HH3 to mains.
Is this possible and does anyone know how?
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Re: used moved to Plusnet - WAP query

Try turning off the DHCP in the HH3 and change it's IP address to the netgear subnet (but not the same as the netgear and outside its DHCP set) and connect one of the LAN ports to the homeplug. The HH3 is then, effectively, a switch and wireless AP.
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