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usage high??

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Registered: ‎23-10-2007

usage high??

hi there
was activated yesterday...
done a coupel of small downloads and the rest is just surfing websites.. not even video / radio sites etc and my usage is over 150mb allready?
doesnt that seem a bit high for just surfing the net?
is the usage allowance monitor messed up?
on my old isp there was no way i`d use that just surfing...
any ideas?
im using a negear dg834gt wireless router... the wireless side of things is secured via wpa and has access control turned on so theres no way someone is biggybacking my connection..
thanks Huh
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Registered: ‎04-04-2007

Re: usage high??

Hi there,
In honesty, ~100MB is not actually that much. Especially as roughly 30% is Usenet downloads.  Websites these days are trying to addd more and more high detailed content as the nation's speed continue to increase with the takeup of broadband.
It could well be a case of your viewing a number of highly detailed websites.  For comparison, my facebook page is about 1.5-2MB in size.