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too much usage

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too much usage

Last Thursday my wife used Internet for only some 30 minutes between 8 am and midnight, but  our daily usage as registered was 268 MB.

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Re: too much usage

On the grand scale that's not a lot of data but you'd be surprised at how quickly it accrues. If you're using Windows then it may well be updates coming down in the background that is adding to the wife's data.

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Re: too much usage


Yep as @Mook states, it can be surprising. Depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you have any other devices connected to the internet from home using the internet (Sky etc).
  • Some software could have downloaded an update, without you realising. This applies to computers and mobiles.
  • PC's/Macs/Phones can decide to download updates in the background. Especially with PC's if you if you have automatic updates on. Windows will whinge at you if you don't, but telling me what to do, doesn't work with me Tongue

Nothing to worry about for the OP, if it were in the TB region then you should in my opinion.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: too much usage

Hi onkeljoe


Just to leave a staff response on here. In my opinion, that's not a lot of usage for even general web browsing. If you're on a capped usage product and coming to your limit have you considered upgrading to our Unlimited package?


If you're not coming close to the limit I wouldn't worry about it. Smiley



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