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strange speed problem

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Registered: ‎18-02-2010

strange speed problem

i am experiencing really strange speed problem
at first all appears to be ok
only when i try certain web pages or download am i suddenly  hit with about 2000 kbs or less
so for about 80% of my browsing im getting full speed  but things like youtube  or downloading  a file i suddenly lose all speed
normaly i would do  speed check and report the fault but when i do tests i still get 6000kbs+
its feeling like when i use something for a period of time  a brake  gets put on and my whole net slows down  but if i stop all  and  close all pages it  fires  back up
ive noticed at peak periods my net is down to around 900kbs on average
but in the day its  back up to 6000kbs
like now  i am currently  listening to music  typing this and  downloading but my download rate droped to 148 kbs(and  not really moving from that ) from 6000kbs when i started and i have nothing up loading 
if this was just one web page  i could say its a slow page but it  appears to happen  with lots of different pages
ive also  virused checked  and found nothing
but as soon as i stop all it will go back up to 6000kbs

my wife has complained that the last few days  our net has slowed down  but every test ive done shows fast speed 
any ideas what i could do to check it
ive added a speed test  graph to show what  happens
the first part is were i was  downloading  listening to  music and typing this speed around 140kbs
next i turn off  music  so speed rises to about 900 kbs

then you see a test  hit which hits  6000kb/s 
if my net was flatlined  at 6000kb/s  accross the top i  would understand but its  got loads more it can do but  just  not using it
any ideas