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search engine thinks we're in Germany

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search engine thinks we're in Germany

On 27th we noticed that the search engines on our 2 tablets, our imac and a mobile phone had changed our location to 'German'. If we reset the search engine back to UK it would revert each time we returned. This, with the exception  of bing on IE on one of the tabs. We called Plus net and we're told to switch our router off for 65 minutes after which all would be OK.

Some devices had returned to UK search except bing in Safari now thought we were in Taiwan. 


Today, after having the router off over night, most device search engines have gone German again, with the exception of bing within IE..... bing within Firefox is still in German

Any ideas what's  wrong. Please keep it simple

Thank You


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Re: search engine thinks we're in Germany

Hi @wilma


Welcome to the forums.


Plusnet have to buy Internet addresses from around the world so that every user has one. And these Internet addresses are used by you and me. 


However websites sometimes want to know where in the world you are and use the Internet address (or IP address) to work that out.


And that is where the issues start. Plusnet register that they have bought the addresses but some of the companies which track where in the world the addresses are being used get it wrong and don't update the location. Or don't do it quickly enough.


So some website think you are in Germany, in your case, as their IP address location database is out of date. Microsoft are not very good at this hence the issues with Bing (their search engine)


This website will say where some of the location database suppliers think you are


You can report the issue to Plusnet by adding details to this thread

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Re: search engine thinks we're in Germany

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Re: search engine thinks we're in Germany

I really like that link - apparently I am in Crewe, Berkhamsted and London

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Re: search engine thinks we're in Germany

And I could be in Wrexham, Portsmouth, Chesterfield, London  or just UK.  Not even close. :grin:

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Re: search engine thinks we're in Germany

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