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router stats. line drop

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router stats. line drop

How do u tell from the router stats if your line has droped. which im told is what makes your speed profile drop. im mainly profiled at 2500 but after a few days it goes upto 3000 then drops again after lasting a day or two i turn my modem off over night so with it being off for hours and not just minutes my thought would b that this would not make the idiots that run r phone network in to registering it as drop  and profiling me back down again.
(we all know who that is i just hope that in a few years time they havent messed this company up as bad.
plus net you going to teach b.t somthing about customer service so next time im ordering a new line from bt im not on phone for 3 days 2hours at a time then wen put thourgh to some one the line went dead no kidding) 
so just wondering where in the stats of the voyager 210 router can u tell that your line droped. any info on this would b great

can u tell im abit anoyed at b.t
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Re: router stats. line drop

Hi there,
It tells you on the Quick Start page how long you've been online for.
To be honest the drop is unlikely to be the result of you turning the router off. It's more likely to be a result of what speed your router resynchronises at when you turn it back on in the morning.
There should be some line stats somewhere that give you this information (Advanced > Status > Broadband Line > Line Rate).

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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