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restarting my router

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restarting my router

Hello i often restart my router once every other day. i do PS3 Internet Connection Test sometimes and i get 1.3 mbps which is really poor. I always restart my router when i get that result, Once my Routers restarted i Then do a Test then i get 3.6 mbps I can see Big differences in my Gameplay and My internet seems much Faster after i restart. I just Want to know is Restarting Your router every other day good or bad thing?Huh
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Re: restarting my router

Generally speaking restarting a router daily is not advisable.
However once a day is not as bad but it can depend on what time of the day or night you do it as mid afternoon can be less harmful than late evening when external interference is higher.
The bottom line is leave it on all the time.

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