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request dlm reset

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Re: request dlm reset

Thankyou very much for your help. Back to normal. I will monitor and when noise on line  I will contact plusnet to fix, seems very intermittent. But dlm does not seem to automatically recover speed after noise has gone away.

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Re: request dlm reset

Things do not quite work like that!  The DLM will seek to maintain a stable connection, if that means raising the TARTGET SNRM (lowering the speed) then it gets adjusted until the connection remains stable.  Whilst the connection remains not-disconnected, the speed will certainly remain unchanged.  If there has been a disconnection for some reason there is some possibility that the DLM might improve the TARGET SNRM, but there is no assurance that will happen without a line reset.

If there is repeated need for a line reset, then that is indicative of a fault on the line or with consumer side wiring or equipment.