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quick Query on password for Router

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quick Query on password for Router

Hi there,


A friend of mine foolishly let a scammer have remote access her computer and I am worried they have all her passwords for everything via her browser cacheing.  I am dealing with all the usual systems and sites for her but am unsure about the plusnet ones. 


she has a plusnet Hub1 router and uses plusnet email too.


If I change her password on the main plusnet login (to view her account) will this change the password for the router to connect to ADSL too (i.e. her password?  If so then will the router pickup the new password automatically (if on) or will she have to login to the router and change the ADSL connection password manually?

I hope not as getting her to login to the plusnet router is going to be a nightmare 🙂







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Re: quick Query on password for Router



I recently changed the password on my account and the HUB 1 password was automatically changed via the Plusnet system. If I recall I got a couple of emails from Plusnet  sent to my nominated email account with the first confirming a change of password (to ensure that it was me that had changed it) and the second stating that the password on the router would (or had?) been changed to suit. 

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Re: quick Query on password for Router

Hmm, sounds like you're talking about the main account password and the password the router has stored within itself so you have a connection? Not a Wi-Fi one.

As @jgb says sounds like the router will update itself with the new one. I can't remember the name of the system PlusNet use but I believe it has the ability to update itself from PlusNet's systems. Not there to check at the moment.

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Re: quick Query on password for Router



Yes - thanks both.


I did the change and it told me the router would get updated (as long as it was switched on)  - wich it was. 


all good.


Many thanks