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problems setting up new computer

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problems setting up new computer

I've purchased an additional PC and set it up in a bedroom. I can see the Plusnet network but when I connect using wifi it states connected but "limited" but cannot access web.. My broadband speed is normally low unfortunately but I can connect using an ipad.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for your assistance


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Re: problems setting up new computer

Very helpfull fobbedoff.....


does your ipad connect ok next to your pc? Sometimes i get message if the wifi is too low strength.


also are you using windows 10? There is a ms bug that can stop dhcp working and that then wont get an ip.

do you know how to configure the ip on your wifi card? If not i can find a link, but change the ip to say dns defauly gatewat (assuming its a hub1)


once you get it online it will patch to fix the problem but could be the issue you are having, connects to wifi but no ip address. 

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Re: problems setting up new computer

Where is your router in relation to the bedroom. It may simply be the signal can't quite make it. I have seen this on a couple of machines in folks houses. iPad may have a better aerial so not a conclusive.

You say PC - is it a desktop machine? If so are you using some sort of wifi dongle?

If laptop then move it around to see if signal improves.

I use a devolo dlan 500 to put signal over house wiring. Has an RJ45 point so you can provide wired connection all the way to PC or wifi from plug socket in bedroom.