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power consumption of router & modem

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power consumption of router & modem

Has anybody done long term measurements of the FFTC modem and the Technicolor/Thomson routers ?
I'm switching over to a dreamplug as my 'always on' box/firewall/mail/proxy etc  which seems to draw 7-9Watts.
Since I only use the Technicolor to provide the PPoE and an extra WiFi .. I could just do that on-board the Dreamplug
...if nobody has done it already, I'll do it .. since it involves power of of each device I guess my speed will suffer.
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Re: power consumption of router & modem

Only Modem reboots can activate any DLM action so do the modem last and leave it on for 24 hours before you unplug your power monitor - that should be safe enough.  If you also 'disconnect' through the router web interface before powering off either the router or the modem that should help to avoid anything looking like instability.  Dont switch the modem off at all when 'playing' with the router.
Pretty sure I read the BT modem was rated around 4 to 5 watts but does not normally run at maximum power so probably 3 to 4 watts would be a reasonable estimate (that's the Huawei version) but would like to know a 'real' figure.
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