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low speed

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low speed

Just noticed that speed had dropped significantly
checked gateway at
You are currently connected to gateway ptn-ag03.
This is located in Telehouse North.
Got router to disconnect connection and reconnect
rechecked gateway
You are currently connected to gateway ptw-ag04.
This is located in Telehouse West.
speed returned back to a good speed
Date         Download Speed         Upload Speed
Today 21:07 9870 kbps (1.23MB/s) 345 kbps (43.1kB/s)
Today 20:58 437 kbps (54.6kB/s) 355 kbps (44.4kB/s)
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Re: low speed

If the ongoing peak-time issues continue for long enough, perhaps the term "gateway hoping" will catch on.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
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Re: low speed

Hi there,
Glad to see your speeds are back to normal, would it be possible if you could post some information if this happens again(you've already done some of it) ?

  • Firstly a speed test at and run further diagnostic after the test has completed

  • Check which gateway you're on at

  • Run a pingpath command, to run the pingpath command you'd need to open a command prompt and type the following, 'pathping -q 50'

  • Lastly if you could run a Tap3 test;

To run the TAP3 test you will need to change the Username and Password you are connecting to in the router. The details are as below:
USERNAME: speedtest@speedtest_domain
PASSWORD: testing
Once successfully logged in, you can then access the Speed Tester server by typing in your browser.
Once you have completed the speed test you will then need to change the details in your router back to your standard Plusnet Username and Password.

If you could post the results that would be great.