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is ADSL2+ a waste of time

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is ADSL2+ a waste of time

I have for months been stable and connected at 7960 megs on normal adsl On adsl2+ if i actual connect at adsl2+ i only get connected at 6782 upstream of 836 with a doggy connection.
but if I force the router to connect at  GDMT  I connect at 8256 up at 960 rock solid but my ip profile is staying at 6000. My speed drops at night as my line is next to a street light but at night I get
Connection Status    Connected
Us Rate (Kbps)   960
Ds Rate (Kbps)   7616
US Margin   6
DS Margin   3
Trained Modulation   GDMT
LOS Errors   0
DS Line Attenuation   45
US Line Attenuation   27
It seems the problem is adsl2+ will only connect  with a ds margin of 6 even though I have a normal one of 2-3 and have had that on gdmt for months with no problems.
So the sum total of going onto adsl2+ is i get a higher upload and thats about all I get from it the speed has gone up a few k in the day. Can adsl2+ be set to connect at ds of less than 6?
If it could i may get the 9 meg I was promised
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Re: is ADSL2+ a waste of time