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inconsistent iphone mail problem

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inconsistent iphone mail problem

I have a number of mail boxes on my plusnet mail, one under myname@domain.etc and one for suppliers@domain.etc (set up as username+suppliers) both are imap, I;ve been collecting email for both accounts on my iphone since forever (well November 07). But this month, since the 4th Feb, my phone has been unable to get mail from myname@domain.etc, though is still happily getting mail from suppliers@domain.etc.
I can see the new mail on my mac, and on squirrel mail but the iphones mail progamme just times out when trying to collect mail from my personal account (though it fine as I say with my "Suppliers" mailbox...
I didn;t change any settings on the 4th, tough I've since checked the settig on my phone, but still no joy.
Any suggestions gratefully received...
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Re: inconsistent iphone mail problem

how many calls have you on he two mailboxes, as that would slow down the display of calls