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Did you mean: giving false results again

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I use 3 speed tests to check if something is wrong, TBB's BT's and yours. is all over the place and has been since Monday 6th at least compared the the results from TBB/BT
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Re: giving false results again

I see the warnings about it having problems have been removed - so it must be working properly! Crazy

That's no way acceptable for my 6.5Mb IP Profile - I think I'll raise a speed fault!
Edit: This is more like it:

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Re: giving false results again

My Broadband Speed is for sure not right!!

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Re: giving false results again

Grin jelv! The "speed dial" is a bit limited too (up to 6Mb and then the restHuh)

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Re: giving false results again

Mybroadbandspeed 2.69Mbs 11.55Mbs
Not too far out Roll eyes

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Re: giving false results again

Guys, is still poorly and the caveat shouldn't have been removed. For faster connections, in particular fibre, it won't have been returning decent results for some time. There's a lot of background in this thread from last year. See also my post towards the end of that thread.

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