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help setting up new router

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Registered: ‎31-05-2012

help setting up new router

Afternoon all
My parents have bought a new router as their old one died, and now have a Tenda W300D. It falls to me to get it working, which is proving a problem. Originally it connected intermittently, but now there is no connection to the internet at all.
I've followed the guide on PlusNet as much as I can for settings, using PPoA rather than PPoE etc, but still no joy and I'm close to flinging it out of the window.
Has anyone got experience with this beast and knows how to set it up ?!
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: help setting up new router

Hi themoid,
Sorry to hear that... where is it that it's failing? Is it the router itself (or its firmware rather), or is it actually not syncing with our service hence why it's not connecting?